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Don’t struggle with debt alone

Struggling with personal debt can be one of the most stressful situations in life- a vicious downward spiral affecting your personal health, job performance, relationships and many other aspects of your life

Can You Get Out of It On Your Own?

The longer you allow the situation to continue without intervention, the worse it will become- one of the most certain things about being in debt is that the situation will not take care of itself.

Reduce Your Spending

It seems obvious, but the issue is that while most people know they need to curb their spending to fix the situation, it can take tremendous discipline.With unsecured debt scheduled to climb to an average of 47% of household income by 2021

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UK Debt Assistance can change all of that.

If you’re struggling with personal debt, you’re not alone– statistics show that consumer debt rose in the UK from £1,518.5bn 2012 to £1,630.1bn in 2017, (numbers adjusted for inflation) an astonishing 7.3%.

The fact that wage increases over the same period have capped out at around a paltry .07% means that those who are borrowing just aren’t making enough to keep up.

Statistics show that in the UK, one person is declared bankrupt every 6 minutes and 13 seconds per day– that’s 248 people per day, and properties are repossessed at a staggering rate of 15 per day,

With the average debt load sitting at £8,000 per person, NOT including their mortgage, and the average household spending 3.78% of their income on debt interest, things are tough all over.

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